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Best Treasure X Toys

Looking for best treasure x toys?. Here we have put together a list that you might be interested in. To create the list we have reviewed 1738 toys available online.

Bestseller No. 1
Treasure X Sunken Gold Treasure Ship Playset - 25 Levels of Adventure | Find Guaranteed Real Gold Dipped Treasure | Interactive Fun for All, Treasure Hunter
  • 25 LEVELS OF ADVENTURE: 25 Levels of epic Adventure to fill your day with so much Action. Your kids won't want to be miss this
  • DISCOVER HIDDEN TREASURES: Find the secrets Hidden Treasures in the ship. Find Weapons, Anchor, Cannons, Steering wheel and all that you can discover to fight evil Kraken
  • BE THE HERO: Defeat evil Kraken and save the Captain
  • UNRAVEL THE TREASURE CHEST: Defeat the Kraken and his jaw will pop open, coins will fly out and the Treasure Chest will be revealed.
  • RULE THE SEAS: Be the sea Lord as you Defeat evil Kraken..INCLUDES: (1) Ship, (1) Ship's Wheel, (1) Ship's Wheel Post, (1) Anchor (3) Telescope, (1) Torch, (1) Front Post, (1) Kraken Figure, (1) Treasure Chest, (1) Real Gold Dipped Treasure, (1) Captain Figure, (3) Weapons, (1) Cannon, (1) Magic Foam, (10) Coins, (1) Instruction Booklet
Bestseller No. 2
Treasure X Aliens Ultimate Dissection Kit - 26 Levels - Contains 14 Pieces for Kids, Easy Instructions | Interactive Fun for All, Treasure Hunter
  • ULTIMATE DISSSECTION: With 26 different levels and everything included to find a real gem in your Alien, this is the perfect dissection kit for all treasure hunters.
  • SAVE THE HUNTER: Use your included tools to operate on your Alien and save the Alien Hunter
  • FIND A REAL GEM: Dissect your Alien's brain and find Real Gem Treasure; Known as Peridot, your Gem could actually be from Outer Space
  • BATTLE MODE: Put your weapons and parts together to convert your Alien into the Hunter's vehicle
  • NO MESS DISSECTION TRAY: Comes with its own dissection tray to keep the oozy mess all together
Bestseller No. 3
Treasure X King's Gold Treasure Tomb
  • EPIC ADVENTURE: The Treasure X treasure tomb is a Packed full of features including traps, dig experiences, 3x figures, secret doors and a vault full of treasure!
  • GOLD TREASURE HUNT: Go on a Quest, solve the puzzles to conquer the treasure tomb and unlock the real gold dipped treasure from the vault.
  • SMASH THE GLASSES: Begin by smashing through skull glasses to open Treasure tomb
  • BE SHARP AND ALERT!: To open the vault and find the treasure, Kids need to solve the puzzles while avoiding traps and critters which lurk behind some of the trapdoors!
  • SAVE THE HERO KING: This playset comes with an exclusive figurine: King Goldcrown - the hero from the Treasure X cartoon. To save the king, Kids have to dig through the magic rock to unearth the two Mini Beast, then smash through the wood and unwrap his bandages. it's an epic experience
Bestseller No. 4
Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark's Treasure - Glow in The Dark Version - UNbox by Cracking The Bottle. Save The Treasure Hunter and Then dissect The Shark to find Your Treasure.
  • Dissect the new Glow in the Dark Golden Tiger shark to find the new black slime covered secrets inside
  • Rescue the exclusive Iron Finish Treasure Hunter from the Shark
  • Ride the shark, chomp your enemies and shoot torpedoes
  • 16 Levels of Adventure with amazing repeat play
  • Fizz and Float Treasure chest reveal. Watch the Treasure float to the top
Bestseller No. 5
Treasure X Ninja Hunters Dragon's Sword Pack - UNbox, Carve, and Save Treasure Hunter!
  • Discover the Land of the Ninja with Treasure X Ninja Gold Dragons. Build your sword, slice and carve to save the Dragon
  • Take on the 12 levels of adventure
  • 6 new amazing Ninja Dragons to save and collect
  • Discover different Element Treasures, Power Sword Blades and Dragons on your hunt
  • Chop the block to reveal your Treasure Then build the stand to display your sword, Treasure and Dragon
Bestseller No. 6
Treasure X: King's Gold Mystical Beast Pack
  • King's Gold brings an all new process to the classic Treasure X digging experience! There is now an all new magic rock to dig through, wooden planks to smash through and a key activated treasure chest!
  • Includes 10 levels of adventure and a chance to find REAL GOLD dipped treasure!
  • Each pack comes with reusable magic rock which kids must dig through using the included tool! Store it in the tomb which doubles as a reusable container!
  • There are 8 Mystical Beasts to collect! Including Giants, Dragons and Serpents!
  • This pack is supersized! Get the deluxe Treasure X experience including large figures, more magic rock, and better chance of finding real gold dipped treasure (compared to the Hunter Pack)!
Bestseller No. 7
Treasure X Fire vs Ice Hunter Pack - New Version
  • The search for Real Treasure continues Which quest will you discover: Fire or Ice?
  • It's the all new volcano eruption unboxing experience Pour in water and erupt your volcano Will it erupt with Ice or Fire?
  • A whole new silky carving experience Carve away the volcano to reveal your Hunter, his weapon and staff
  • Will you find Real Gold Dipped Treasure?
  • There are 18 Fire Vs Ice Treasure Hunter Action Figures to collect, including special finishes
Bestseller No. 8
Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark's Treasure - 16 Levels of Adventure - Exclusive Treasure Hunter | Rescue, Dissect & Ride | Discover The Treasure
  • 16 Levels of Adventure with amazing repeat play! Extended play that will keep your child entertained for hours. Can you rescue the hunter, dissect the shark and then ride it to defeat your enemies?
  • Rescue the exclusive Treasure Hunter and dissect the shark! Open the jaws and rescue the hunter from then dissect the shark's belly to find the slime covered secrets inside! This hunter is exclusive and only available in this pack
  • Incredible Extended Play! Ride the shark, chomp your enemies and shoot torpedoes
  • Fizz and Float Treasure chest reveal! Drop the treasure chest in water and watch it sink to the bottom. Once it is at the bottom, it will slowly open and your treasure will then float to the top.
  • Awesome Contents! The Treasure X Shark's Treasure includes 1 x Bottle Vessel & Stand, 1 x Character, 1 x Fizz Tablet, 1 x Harpoon Launcher, 1 x Map/ Collectors Guide, 1 x Saddle & Handlebar Accessory, 1 x Shark, 1 x Slime, 1 x Tool, 1 x Treasure, 1 x Treasure Chest, 1 x Weapon. For ages 6 years and over. Batteries not required
Bestseller No. 9
Treasure X Sunken Gold Bottle Smash - Action Figure & Treasure Inside. 10 Levels of Adventure. 2-Pack for Double The Fun, Multicolor (41600)
  • The Treasure X Sunken Gold 2 Pack has twice the unboxing fun and adventure with 2 bottles to smash open
  • Squeeze the Squid to pop out and save a slimy Treasure Hunter
  • There are 12 Treasure Hunters to find and collect! Search for Ultra-Rare Water Filled figures, Color Change figures, Water Squirting Figures and Snapping Jaw figures
  • Submerge the Treasure Chest in water and watch it fizz What amazing treasure will be revealed as it floats out
  • With 10 Levels of Adventure What mysteries of the deep will you discover
Bestseller No. 10
Treasure X Ninja Hunters - 2 Pack - UNbox, Carve, and Save Treasure Hunter!
  • Double the Adventure with this Exclusive Treasure X Ninja Gold 2 Pack Discover the Land of the Ninja with Treasure X Ninja Gold. Build your sword, slice, and carve to save the Ninja
  • Take on the 10 levels of adventure
  • 16 new Ninja Treasure Hunters to save and collect
  • Discover different Element Treasures, Power Sword Blades, and Characters on your hunt
  • Chop the block to reveal your Treasure Then build the stand to display your sword, Treasure and Hunter

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