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Best Star Wars X Wing 2.0

Looking for best star wars x wing 2.0?. Here we have put together a list that you get excited about. To create the list we have reviewed 1689 toys characters available online.

Bestseller No. 1
Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition Core Set
  • Officially Licensed
  • Featuring Star Wars X-Wing
  • 2+ Players
  • Ages 14+
  • 30-45 Minutes Playing Time
Bestseller No. 2
Atomic Mass Games X-Wing 2ND Ed: Millenium Falcon
  • A Rebel starship expansion for X-Wing
  • Features a beautifully detailed and pre-painted Modified yt-1300 light freighter miniature ready to join your Rebel squadrons
  • Four ship cards featuring iconic pilots like Han solo and chewbacca are ready to take the controls
  • Includes fourteen essential upgrades, inviting you to make your own personal modifications to the yt-1300 light freighter
  • Two Quick build cards offer predefined combinations of pilots and upgrades, helping you get into the fight right away
Bestseller No. 3
Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing 2ND Ed: Tantive IV
  • Harness the power of a CR90 Corellian corvette, adding devastating new options to your X-Wing squadrons
  • Contains everything you need to fly the CR90 for either the Galactic Republic or the Rebel Alliance, including ship cards and maneuver dials
  • An assortment of upgrade cards invites you to outfit your CR90 with Commands, Teams, Cargo, and potent Hardpoints
  • Man your ship with some of the Rebellion’s greatest leaders, including Carlist Rieekan and Jan Dodonna
  • Includes a unique plastic maneuver tool, a resource tracker, and huge ship damage deck, letting you monitor every aspect of your ship
Bestseller No. 4
X-Wing 2ND Ed: Btl-B Y-Wing (FFGSWZ48)
  • A galactic Republic ship expansion for X-Wing
  • Features a beautifully detailed, pre-painted btl-b Y-Wing miniature
  • Fly into any engagement with the btl-b y-wing’s plated hull to protect you from critical damage
  • Eight ship cards, featuring a powerful Jedi Knight and expert Clone, each bring their own style to flying this heavy fighter
  • Includes ten upgrade cards that invite you to further customize you squadrons
Bestseller No. 5
X-Wing Second Edition: Galactic Empire Conversion
  • Package length: 5.207 cm
  • Package width: 21.996 cm
  • Package height: 28.397 cm
  • Product Type: TABLETOP GAME
Bestseller No. 6
X-Wing Second Edition: T-65 X-Wing
  • The package height is 1.0"
  • The package length is 6.3"
  • The package width is 3.58"
  • The package weight is 1.0 pounds
Bestseller No. 7
Star Wars: X-Wing - TIE Reaper
  • An expansion pack for the galactic empire faction in X-Wing.
  • Contains one pre-painted tie reaper miniature, the perfect ship to carry your troopers into battle.
  • Bring the battles of Rogue one to your tabletop.
  • Four different ship cards give you a variety of options for deploying the tie reaper in combat.
  • Eleven upgrade cards encourage the galactic empire to fly their deadliest troopers into the heart of battle.
Bestseller No. 8
X-Wing Second Edition: Slave I
  • Package length: 7.62 cm
  • Package width: 14.224 cm
  • Package height: 20.828 cm
  • Product Type: GAMES
Bestseller No. 9
Atomic Mass Games Star Wars X-Wing: RZ-2 A-Wing
  • A Resistance ship expansion for X-Wing Second Edition
  • Includes a finely detailed, beautifully painted RZ-2 A-wing miniature
  • Contains everything you need to add one of these blazingly fast fighters into your Resistance squadrons
  • Six pilots bring their own approach to piloting this challenging craft and five upgrade cards give you plenty of options for adding your personal touch
Bestseller No. 10
X-Wing 2ND Ed: Guardians of The Republic
  • Begin constructing galactic Republic squadrons with one delta-7 aethersprite miniature and two V-19 torrent miniatures
  • Lead your galactic Republic squadrons into battle as legendary Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi or mace wind-up
  • Unlock even more potential in your force-sensitive pilots With new force PA cards and actions
  • Contains a wealth of other PA cards, including reprints of many common neutral PA cards
  • New gas Cloud obstacles and strain tokens add even more variety to your space battles

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