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Best Star Wars Armada Core Set

Looking for best star wars armada core set?. Here we have put together a list that you might be interested in. To create the list we have reviewed 1120 toys characters available online.

Bestseller No. 1
Star Wars: Armada - Core Set
  • A two-player miniatures game of tactical fleet battles in the star wars universe
  • Core set contains includes 3 pre-painted capital ship miniatures, ten unpainted fighter squadrons, and more than 130 cards and tokens
  • Ships utilize a unique, articulated maneuver tool to quickly set their courses
  • Rules for stacked commands force players to strategize multiple turns ahead, even as they make difficult tactical decisions in the heat of battle
  • Command the unmatched power of the imperial fleet, or prove your tactical acumen as an admiral in the rebel alliance
Bestseller No. 2
Star Wars: Armada - Rogues and Villains
  • A squadron expansion pack for the Star Wars: Armada miniatures game
  • Eight irregular squadrons are divided evenly between the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Navy
  • Introduces Han Solo, Boba Fett, and more of the galaxy's most notorious rogues and villains
  • Squadrons with the Rogue ability are able to move and attack during the squadron phase
  • The miniatures are unpainted but presented in colors that complement their fleets
Bestseller No. 3
Star Wars: Legion - Core Set
  • A miniatures game of thrilling infantry battles for 2 players
  • Enter the Star Wars universe with iconic characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker
  • Innovative mechanics for ordering your troops simulate the fog of war and the chaos of battle
  • English (Publication Language)
Bestseller No. 4
Star Wars: X-Wing - The Force Awakens Co
  • A two-player game of high-speed Star Wars dogfights set during The Force Awakens
  • Three highly detailed and pre-painted miniature Starfighters, 1 T-70 X-wing and 2 TIE/fo Fighters
  • Maneuver dials and templates make it easy to plot and execute your ships' maneuvers
  • Combat is fast and deadly
  • A pre-existing range of expansions and rules for squad-building allow you tremendous freedom to explore different squad-builds, strategies, and even new factions
Bestseller No. 5
Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Armada: Rebellion in The Rim
  • Campaign includes team battles, allowing you to play more cooperatively than ever before
  • Flexible mechanics scale to accommodate fleets of any size
  • Build your own unique task force Commander to lead your armadas into battle
  • New Squadron cards introduce new rogues and villains to star Wars: Armada
  • New objectives bring tactical challenges for both campaign and standard play
Bestseller No. 6
Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Clone Wars Core Set
  • Enter a new era of epic miniatures battles in the Star Wars galaxy
  • Thirty-nine beautifully sculpted, unpainted miniatures invite you to play as the galactic Republic or separatist Alliance for the first time
  • Join iconic characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and general Grievous and lead your forces into the clone Wars
  • Contains all the cards, dice, tools, and tokens you to begin staging your own Star Wars: Legion battles right away
  • Forty PA cards give you the power to K your Army to fit your personal preferences
Bestseller No. 7
Star Wars: Armada - Imperial Light Carrier
  • An Imperial starship expansion pack for the popular Star Wars: Armada miniatures game
  • The quasar Firefly-class cruiser carrier is a powerful squadron support ship.
  • Two ship cards and ten upgrades allow you to outfit your light carrier multiple ways
  • A dual-slotted weapons team/ offensive retrofit upgrade allows you to disrupt your opponent’s Ships with your boarding action
  • Comes with all the dials, plastic, and tokens needed to bring the light cruiser to battle
Bestseller No. 8
Star Wars: Armada - Interdictor
  • An Imperial expansion pack for the popular Star Wars: Armada miniatures game
  • Features one pre-painted, medium-base interdictor miniature, two ship cards, and fourteen upgrades
  • Permits new strategies that take shape as early as deployment
  • Introduces the new experimental retrofit upgrade Type
  • The ability to set traps increases the strategic importance of your objectives
Bestseller No. 9
Star Wars: Armada - Victory Class Star Destroyer
  • An Imperial starship expansion for the Star Wars: Armada miniatures game
  • eatures one pre-painted Victory-class Star Destroyer miniature
  • Two ship cards allow you to outfit your Star Destroyer as a Victory I or Victory II
  • Fourteen upgrade cards allow you to customize your fleet to fit your favorite strategy
  • Comes with all requisite tokens and command dials
Bestseller No. 10
Star Wars: Armada - Nebulon-B Frigate
  • A rebel starship expansion for the star wars: armada miniatures game
  • Features one pre-painted Nebulon-B frigate miniature
  • Two ship cards let you field your Nebulon-B as a fighter escort or powerful support ship
  • Eight upgrade cards allow you to customize your fleet to fit your favorite strategy
  • Comes with all requisite tokens and command dials

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